Florida Wind Mitigation Helps Homeowners Save on Insurance Costs

Florida Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation credits can truly save South Florida residents substantial money on their home insurance premiums.  In fact, wind inspections are essential for properties located in the coastal, seaside areas of Palm Beach County and across Florida.  While the Sunshine State is synonymous with immaculate weather and countless nautical activities, it is also home to some of most fierce tropical storms and hurricanes.  No truer is this then when it comes to the summer and fall seasons.  From torrential downpours and hail to heavy thunder and lighting, Florida weather is simply unpredictable at best.  However, with timely home inspections homeowners can reap the benefits of true and significant savings.

Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance

Florida wind mitigation is designed to assess the readiness of commercial and residential properties. This, of course, relates to their preparedness in tackling windstorm damages and losses.  Since wind velocity changes at a moments notice, it is simply impossible to determine how much irreparable harm and damage it can cause.  To effectively secure, protect, and defend your Florida property from soaring wind, having a wind mitigation inspection performed is vital.  While not required by mortgage lenders or insurance firms, wind mitigation can save homeowners money.  Even though Florida wind mitigation is optional, in nature, it is also recommended by a number of industry experts and experienced insurance agents, like myself.

The Process

Wind mitigation encompasses four important steps.  As part of the intricate and detailed process, comprehensive inspections are utilized and implemented to secure timely and effective results.  This includes the respective property’s electrical system, along with plumbing, HVAC, and especially the roof construction.  The latter is exceptionally susceptible to wind damage due to its exterior positioning.  From shingles and rafters to drainage pipes, wind damage can seriously impact the value and even foundation of any home.  This is why inspections play a key role in determining the proper wind protection for homes and businesses.  Furthermore, owners do receive substantial savings and discounts on their insurance policies when one is performed.  These credits can even be used for purchasing anti-wind deflectors and other components designed to safeguard properties.

The Rundown

While wind mitigation inspections in South Florida have been around for years, they really came to light a few years ago.  This, of course, was due to the active hurricane seasons which produced storms like Charley, Ivan, Katrina, and Rita, wreaking havoc over several Gulf States.  Hit especially hard were Florida and Louisiana along with Texas and Mississippi.  As a result of these devastating and life changing storms, countless insurance companies went bankrupt due to overwhelming claims and reparation costs.  Several insurance firms and agencies also left the Gulf Coast area, which rendered countless homeowners simply helpless and without any hopes of rebuilding.  Even with sporadic help from FEMA and other federal agencies, something had to be done and fast!

The Solution

As a way to counter the lasting effects of hurricanes and natural disasters in Florida, several agencies and insurance firms worked together to introduce new concepts for residential and commercial property protection.  This included wind mitigation inspections, which would safeguard properties in susceptible and targeted areas.  As a benefit for homeowners, dramatic decreases in insurance premiums would be granted for those who secured wind mitigation services.  Today, these inspections continue to soar and expand across Florida and other coastal states.  More insurance companies are also insuring homes that have undergone stringent wind testing and protocols.

Florida First

Florida is a forerunner in wind mitigation credits and inspections.  In fact, it was the Orange State that first mandated insurance firms to offer reduced insurance premiums for homeowners back in 2006. This, of course, was after fully certified experts inspected a myriad of residential and commercial properties.  Today, Florida continues to lead the nation in the volume of wind mitigation tests, inspections, and solutions.  With Louisiana and other states not far behind, most inspectors have intricate knowledge of home and business designs.  Many also have extensive industry experience in architecture, engineering, and contract work.

The Savings

As mentioned earlier, homeowners can save a bundle on insurance premiums and costs.  Since all properties differ, however, savings depends on the features of each home or business.  Inspectors not only check the interior of brick and mortar structures they also check the interior walls as well.  This helps them effectively pinpoint any susceptible areas that need immediate addressing.  After evaluating, analyzing, and assessing wind mitigation characteristics, a detailed report of all findings will be presented to the owners and their respective insurance companies.  These reports include timely recommendations for improvements, along with tips and suggestions on repairs.  This vital information helps make properties truly formidable against wind damages, while helping them sustain the wrath of Mother Nature.

After Florida state inspection reports are filed and sent to your insurance agency, you can possibly save up to 30% on insurance costs and payments.  This comes out to a few hundred dollars and well over $1,000 per year on insurance premiums.

The Inspection

Florida wind mitigation entails several crucial aspects.  The process is time-consuming, however, designed to help fortify homes against the damages of wind and other weather elements.  In a nutshell, the inspection process consists of the following:

1.) Roof coverings: Roof coverings are checked to see if they meet building and housing codes.  The inspector must also know when the roof and its components were installed.  This helps determine if they meet the codes standards, which were set in place back in 2001.

2.) Roof attachments: Inspectors will check to see which type of roof decking is being utilized.  They will also check to see how they are attached to the overall structure.  For example, if they are nailed down as opposed to stapled, all nails and components will be charted and noted.

3.) Roof and Wall attachments: Inspectors must determine how secure your roof is.  This includes single or double wraps, along with how the trusses are attached.

4.) Roof Design: Roof designs play a pivotal role in how much savings you can secure.  Typically, pyramid shaped styles usually qualify for extensive discounts.  This is not to say, however, that other roof shapes and styles do not qualify it simply depends on the features and components in question.

Note – Gable End Bracing: For gable style roofs, inspectors will check to see if they meet the Florida Housing Code standards.  This includes all current measurements, along with which areas need re-fortification and reinforcement.

5.) Wall Construction: Florida wind mitigation experts also review the materials utilized in and out of your home.  This includes framing, along with reinforced areas and outer fascia.  This helps them determine if your home has steel reinforced blocks, which are better than conventional and traditional plywood and plastic siding.

6.) Water Barriers: Water barriers are relatively new for traditional and contemporary rooftops.  If your roof was installed before 2008, chances are you simply do not have this type of barrier.  Photos will be taken to see if these barriers exist, which also help secure timely discounts.

7.) Openings: Inspectors check shutters and other devices to see how well they stand up to airborne agents and wind based debris.  This includes doors, windows, weatherproofing, and other components.  They also check the ratings for these devices, along with which ones require immediate hurricane protection to qualify for discounts.

Florida Wind Mitigation

While Florida wind mitigation is not mandatory, these steps are crucial to ensure high cost-savings every year.  According to industry experts, wind mitigation can prevent irreparable harm and damage during the hurricane and storm season.  Since Florida is nestled within a tropical environment, storms and torrential downpours can happen at any time.  Without sufficient and adequate protection, properties will simply not be able to sustain damages from windstorms and other acts of nature.  If you choose not to secure wind mitigation, you may incur extensive out of pocket expenses for home and business structure repairs.  Why take a chance on devaluation your property when wind mitigation experts are merely a phone call or e-mail away?  If you truly value your Florida home or business, now is the perfect time to have to have expert home inspections done at cost-affordable rates.

Owner Testimonials

If you are unsure about wind mitigation services, simply check the web.  The Internet features countless testimonials from home and business owners that have undergone timely and effective inspections.  Not only have these inspections safeguarded their properties, they have also brought to light all the recent developments and changes in Florida building and housing codes.  Furthermore, property owners have been able to implement cutting edge and innovative protection techniques that have increased the overall values of their properties.  The best part in all of this, of course, is the number of insurance premiums discounts and rebates owners have been able to secure.  Whether for traditional or contemporary units, wind mitigation goes a long way in protecting the interiors and exteriors of any residential or commercial structure.

For more information on Florida wind mitigation checks, simply contact your local experts.  You can also speak to your home insurance agency, as well as the local residential association for more tips and suggestions.  This will help you make a worthwhile and informed choice about the future of your property.

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