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The Holiday’s Are Tight For All Of Us…Or Are They?

Most people save all year, or have the best intentions to, but always seem to be short on holiday funds when this time of year comes around. For some people they may have been forced, by an emergency, into spending their holiday stash, or for some, they simply were not able to put away a little here and a little there throughout the year. Whatever your case may be, I’m going to discuss a few simple ways my team and I, at Brightway Insurance Palm Springs and Boynton Beach, can help you save money around the holidays.

How To Save Money For The Holidays

Let’s get right to it shall we?! The disposable income we have during the holidays is usually tight for all of us. Which made me think of writing this article. I thought, if this blog post helps just one person save money and enjoy a better holiday season, then I’ve accomplished my goal!

My team and I, at Brightway Insurance Palm Springs and Boynton Beach, assist Florida residents each and every day obtain better insurance rates, while securing better coverage at the same time. The savings for each Palm Beach County resident varies, depending on multiple factors, but the majority of the time we save them money. I know most people don’t think about their insurance very often as a means to save money, but believe me, it’s a great way to save some coin! Below I break down the main insurance policies that Florida residents can shop to save you money during the holiday season and beyond.

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Insurance and Ways To Save Money

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    1. Homeowner’s Insurance – This is probably the most overlooked area of insurance yet it is insurance policy where Palm Beach residents can save the most money. Many individuals forget to have their home insurance policy shopped every six months to see if there are potential savings. There are many reasons and factors we can use to help lower your overall homeowner’s insurance premium. If you haven’t looked at your home insurance policy lately, now is the best time to see if there is money that you can save.

save money on your auto insurance

  1. Auto Insurance – Your car insurance is another great area to save money for the holidays. Whether you’re a homeowner or not, auto insurance is one of the most notorious forms of insurance that Florida residents pay too much for.

Most insurance companies will tell you that your auto insurance policy is more in Florida because of the large amount of uninsured or underinsured motorists that fill our roadways. This is a true statement as there are a lot of residents in Florida that do not carry even the minimum liability coverage on there automobile. This puts insurance carriers at risk should your car, truck or SUV get struck in an auto accident by one of these uninsured drivers.

There are many other ways to save money on your auto insurance and if you haven’t checked your auto policy lately, you’re probably paying way too high of premium! For example, if you own your home, many insurance carriers, we utilize at Brightway Insurance, offer discounts for bundling your home and auto insurance together. If you rent, again, there are many insurance companies that offer savings when you bundle renter’s insurance and your auto policy. A bundling option is not the only way my team and I can save you money on car insurance however. Many people pay for other features of their car insurance that are not necessary, yet they cost Florida residents a pretty penny over a year’s time. These are all areas we look at with each Brightway customer to guarantee we haven’t left a stone unturned and we get you all the possible savings available!

Why Choose Brightway Insurance, Cole Family Agencies?

It’s pretty simple, but I will do my best to explain to give you a clear picture of what makes my Brightway agencies different than other insurance agencies in Palm Beach County Florida. The biggest reason why Florida residents, like you, should choose to do business with my Brightway agencies is because I’ve built a team of insurance professionals that truly care about our clients! We are not just providing insurance; we deliver insurance solutions to ensure our clients are protected from the unknowns in life!

My team and I take pride in providing the very best insurance consultation and the highest level of customer service. We know your family’s security and well-being is at stake if we don’t and our goal is to keep your business for life. We take a consultative approach to each of our client’s unique situation making sure we get them the insurance coverage they need at a price they can afford.

At the Brightway Insurance, Cole Family Agencies, we have your best interest in mind and never lose sight of it! There are many insurance companies in Florida that only look at the number of policies they’ve sold each day, but at my Brightway Insurance agencies we celebrate all of the lives we’ve had an impact on throughout our day! Saving our client’s money or securing them the insurance coverage they need is what motivates us and keeps us coming back each day.

I personally guarantee that if you give us a call my team will do everything in their power to put money back in your pocket for the holidays and will always look out for you! Don’t let your bank account balance get you down in the dumps! At Brightway Insurance, Cole Family Agencies we’ll help you turn that frown upside down! Call us today to start saving money on your insurance and learn how easy and fun we make shopping for insurance at Brightway.

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