Take A Good Look At Your Roof: Save Money on Florida Home Insurance!

Florida Roof Inspection
You’re probably asking yourself…Chris what are you talking about now? How can looking at my homes roof possibly save me money? This is no joke! Below I’m going to explain how true insurance professionals, like me, help Palm Beach residents, like you, save money on their Florida homeowner’s insurance. Your home’s roof plays a huge part in an Insurance company determining the cost for your Florida home insurance premium. Most regular shingle roofs are good for up to 30 years, but just like computers have changed over the years so has roof construction and home insurance rates. Let’s break it down…

First off, your home’s roof is the main protection your home has from Mother Nature. Whether she stirs up a tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, high wind, flash flooding and/or hail, your roof bears a lot of responsibility. If your home’s roof fails you’re left wide open to having a significant damage to the contents of your home. And, the claim against your Florida insurance company would be significant. With that being said, your home’s roof is either saving or costing you on your annual home insurance premium.

Florida insurance carriers look at the soundness of your roof’s structure and how much would it cost to replace it. If your homes roof is 10-20 years old, believe me you’re roof could use a close look. No I’m not talking about you getting out your latter and looking for yourself. I’m talking about having a professional roof inspector take a close look at your roof. Having a both a 4 Point Inspection and a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed on your Florida home can yield valuable information, that when used properly, will save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. Below I’ll review the highlights of both types of home inspections.

4 Point Inspection’s in Palm Beach County

Florida insurance carriers often give preferred home insurance rates when they know the four main systems of your home are either up-to-date, have been maintained adequately and/or are in good working condition.

The 4 Point Inspection covers the following areas:

  1. Roof
  2. Plumbing
  3. Electrical
  4. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

The goal of the 4 Point Inspection is to determine the working condition and approximate length of time each system has been in use. Typically Florida insurance companies require this inspection when a house is more than 30 years old. Insurance companies use this inspection to determine the approximate cost to repair these systems should a claim be made. It helps them gauge the level of risk associated with your homes vital systems to price your insurance premium correctly.

Florida Wind Mitigation Inspections

The primary purpose of a wind mitigation or a uniform mitigation inspection is to determine the soundness of your home’s structure in the event of high winds or even worse a Hurricane. There are several benefits of having a wind inspection completed. One is that based on the structure of your home it can identify potential savings available for your home insurance premium. Most Florida insurance companies provide discounts or “credits” if your roof was constructed with features proven to reduce potential damage that could be caused from a hurricane, tropical storm and flash flooding, such as:

  • Hurricane shutters on your windows and exterior doors or hurricane impact resistance windows and doors
  • Having a “hip roof” style structure, which is sloped on all sides
  • Roof-to-wall connections installed with hurricane rated bracing. Potential savings will depend on what style of bracing is used (e.g. gable-end bracing, clips, toe nail brackets, single wraps or double wraps).
  • Roof that is Florida Building Code-approved, credits vary and depend on your homes roof, whether it’s tile, shingle or metal.
  • Having a secondary barrier or layer to avoid potential water damage.

On the other hand, this inspection assists insurance professionals, like me, determine the best coarse of action to take to ensure your home is well protected and you don’t pay too much for your home insurance policy. Many times this inspection uncovers easy repairs or simply upgrades that you can have done to your home to save you thousands on your home insurance in Palm Beach County. The insurance companies use this inspection against you, so use it against them! Like anything there’s always a way to work things to your advantage.


To make sure your home is properly protected and that you’re not paying too much for your home insurance, I strongly recommend having both a 4 Point Inspection as well as a Wind Mitigation inspection completed. Whether you live in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, or Florida for that matter, these inspections allow insurance professionals, like me, to gain valuable insight into your homes age, primary systems and their current condition. I’m able to make valuable suggestions that have the potential to save you thousands over the lifespan of your ownership.

At my Brightway Insurance offices in Palms Springs and Boynton Beach, my team and I have access to more Florida insurance carriers than 99% of all other insurance agencies in the Palm Beach County. Whether you live in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach or Boca Raton. With all of our years of expertise in the Florida insurance business, I assure you, we’ll find you better home insurance coverage at a better price. If we can’t, which is highly unlikely, we do the right thing and tell you.

My team and I never write a home insurance policy unless it makes sense to do so for our customer! We are in the business of building long-term customer relationships by always looking out for your security and financial well-being. To learn more about how my team and I can assist you save valuable dollars on your home insurance in Florida and make sure your biggest investment is properly protected, please call one of my two offices today. We’re excited to show you how fun and easy we make shopping for home insurance at the Cole Family Brightway Insurance Agencies. Call Us Today!

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