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Today, with the holidays rapidly approaching I thought it would be a good idea to give Florida residents a few easy tips they can use to save money on their insurance. As an insurance professional and Brightway agency owner, I deal with people everyday that have unique situations requiring different levels of protection. Understanding each customer’s individual needs allows me to provide the best advice and often assist them save money. With that being said, I always recommend seeking out an insurance professional to help with your insurance needs, but also realize many people like to research and do it themselves so I here’s some advice.

Forming An Insurance Game Plan

Before jumping online or picking up the phone to start shopping around for more affordable insurance in Florida I always recommend doing a few easy things beforehand. I know with online sites making it easier than ever to quote rates from different Florida insurance carriers it can be tempting to just dive right in, but if you follow these few easy steps you can wind up saving yourself in the end.

  • Pull out all of your existing policy documents, then separate and review, e.g. homeowner’s insurance, auto, renters, umbrella, personal articles, life and/or business policies. Understanding how you’re currently protected will assist you make better decisions when shopping. Many life events occur that require new and different levels of insurance protection. Taking a few minutes to review your current coverage can help you easily identify areas where you need more or less protection.
  • The cheapest insurance policy is not always the best. Once you’ve taken a look at your current policies and you’re now ready to jump online to start your search for more affordable rates you need to be aware of a few things. As the headline said, the lowest priced policy may not be the best for you. Do your research! With the amount of information available online you can find out about almost anything, especially what doing business with a particular Florida insurance company is like. Find out what their customer satisfaction rating is and see what people have said about their claims process. With a little legwork you’ll be able to easily identify if this new company you’re considering purchasing an insurance policy from is right for you.
  • If you’re not sure, consult an insurance professional. It’s ok if a question comes up along the way that you’re not able to find an answer to in your search online. That’s why there are insurance professionals, like me, available to help clear up any confusion or misconceptions you may have. At the end of the day, insurance policies are easily cancelled so if you’ve already made the purchase, but think you made the wrong decision just pick up the phone and call me. Nothing in the insurance industry is for life and my team and I are all great problem solvers.

Now let’s get to those simple tips for saving on your insurance in Florida!

5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Florida Insurance Policies

  • Shop Around – Don’t just purchase the cheapest and quickest policy you can find. It pays to look around and compare. The Internet is a vast resource for you so use it to your advantage.
  • Bundle Policies – This is one very easy way for you to save on your insurance policies in Florida. Many companies provide more than just one type of insurance and will lower your overall premium if you add extra coverage areas. When one insurance carrier is able to capture more of your business they likely will reward you with savings.
  • Avoid Claims – Insurance companies are far more likely to reward you with lower insurance premiums for your home, car and business when you are virtually a claim-free customer. Insurance companies can view your claim history to identify the perceived risk of insuring you.
  • Payment Frequency – The less often you pay for insurance the better price you can obtain. For example, the price for a 12-month auto policy when paid for in full will be less expensive than if you paid monthly for the same policy.
  • Increase Deductibles – This is not always recommended and would strongly suggest speaking to a licensed insurance agent prior to making any significant changes to your deductibles. Sometimes increasing certain deductibles of your homeowners, auto and/or business insurance is ok, but often times it can lead to the insured being liable if a claim is made. This is where speaking with an insurance professional can really save you. No one purchases insurance just to have to wind up paying for damages all out-of-pocket!

Final Thoughts

As discussed above, I’ll always encourage you to reach out to an insurance professional you can trust, like me, when you’re ready to start saving money on your insurance. If you are one of those do-it-yourselfers out there, I hope these simple tips help you in your search for better insurance coverage at a lower price! Remember, take your time, do your research and don’t be afraid to seek professional advice if you’re not sure. At my twoFlorida Insurance Savings Brightway Insurance locations my team and I are available throughout the week to assist you with any and all of your insurance questions and needs. You have my personal guarantee that you’ll have a great experience and make some new friends in the process. I hope to have the chance to assist you in the near future!

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