Florida Insurance Tips’ 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year Comes New Resolutions

Florida Insurance Tips - Happy New Year 2016

First off, I would like to extend a happy and healthy New Year to you and your family. With the new year brings new challenges, goals and oh, yeah resolutions. For some that might be losing a few pounds, getting physically fit or becoming a better saver. Whatever your resolution is we all start out the year with the best intentions of sticking to them! So with the New Year here I put together a useful list of easy things you can do to help save money on your Florida insurance and make sure all the important things in your life are safe and secure.

So lets get right to it! Below I’ve highlighted four types of common insurance and easy steps you can take to make sure you are not paying too much for your policy and that you have adequate coverage to protect yourself.

2016 Florida Insurance Resolution Checklist

1) Your Home – This is probably not a surprise as your Florida home is one of your most valuable assets next to your life. There are many areas of your homeowner’s insurance policy and some of those areas play a bigger role in determining the price of your premium. For example, the age and the type of your roof plays a big part. Another area is whether or not your home is located in a flood zone, according to Florida’s map. Understanding your current situation and homeowner’s policy is important, but can be complicated. Sometimes simple and inexpensive upgrades to your home can save you thousands on your home insurance policy. The online quoting systems available don’t think like human’s and will overlook areas of saving and coverage. There are many common sense solutions that can lower your premium or provide you more coverage, but it takes an insurance professional to identify. When in doubt, I always recommend consulting with an insurance professional, like myself! In 15 minutes or less I’m able to identify if you are adequately covered, whether or not your paying too much for your homeowner’s policy and if there is a better insurance option for you.

2) Your Vehicle(s) – With the amount of uninsured/underinsured motorists commuting on our Florida roadways each day you should pay close attention to your auto policies. You might be paying too much for your car insurance or not have enough coverage. Understanding your current policy sometimes uncovers areas where you could be saving or getting more coverage for the same price. Many online quoting systems give you the ability to compare Florida auto insurance carriers, but if you’re not aware of the important areas to consider these easy options may cost you in the long run. Having a trusted insurance professional on your side is important to ensure you are properly covered based on your individual or family needs and that you’re paying the right price. Unless you’re in the insurance industry you may not be as savvy as shopper as you think or you may have everything under control, but don’t you want to be sure? With a 10 minute phone call to one of my agencies, we take a close look at your current policy and after answering a few of our questions we can make sure you have the best policy at the very best price.

3) Your Business(s) – With the New Year comes new goals personally and professionally. For those self-employed residents of Florida, making sure your business continues growing is usually top on the list! With the fast pace of life today it is easy to overlook the smaller details, which unfortunately can wreak havoc for your business. It might be something as simple as not having enough liability coverage for your employees or not having adequate worker’s compensation insurance. With many Florida small business owners having less than 5 employees, it might only take one on-the-job accident to shutdown the company down. Just think about it…how long could your business stay afloat if you had to cover hospital bills out of your business’s operating account? If you haven’t looked at your business or commercial insurance policies lately now is the best time to contact a Florida business insurance specialist and make sure your company is adequately protected against the unknowns.

4) Your Life – I know this is not something we all like to think about, which is why I’ve saved this area for last. Unfortunately tragedies happen each and every day leaving families crushed and left picking up the pieces. So many times I’ve seen real life situations where a husband or a wife passes away unexpectedly and the surviving family is left wondering how they will move on. When you’re young it is very easy to forget about these real issues and what would happen to those you love if you were to leave this life early. Whatever your age and/or family situation, I strongly recommend contacting a Florida life insurance expert in 2016 and get a no-obligation quote on life insurance. Remember, life insurance is not for you, but rather to make sure your family is able to survive should something happen to you. Loosing a close family member is never easy and takes time for people to move on. The last thing you would ever want is your family to be suffering your loss and also trying to figure out how they will make the next mortgage payment. If you take my advice and seek the counsel of a life insurance professional to review your current life insurance policies or to get a free quote on a new policy. I promise that if you contact my team for assistance you will come away from the conversation better informed and with peace of mind.

Don’t Wait, Get Informed Today!

I don’t want to seem like I’m beating a dead horse in the mouth as this gets said a lot, but please do not procrastinate when it comes to protecting yourself and/or your family. Time passes quickly and you could wind up in the very same place next year if you don’t take time now to review all of your insurance policies. Yes, it does take some effort on your end, but I can assure you if you choose to contact a insurance agency for assistance you will be glad you did!

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